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OMS is an end-to-end mobile content provider, offering a diverse range of mobile images, ringtones, games and applications.

We custom design and develop cutting edge branded mobile applications for clients across multiple platforms including Android, iOS and Tizen.

Genres include but are not limited to utilities, productivity tools, infotainment and games.

Our numerous standalone and server side mobile applications have achieved downloads in excess of 20 million in a very short span of time.
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OMS specialises in customised cross-platform enabled field marketing, merchandiser management and customer loyalty programmes for clients who seek to outsource cost-effective and efficient services.

Our innovative online marketing solutions include interactive promotions, gaming, microsites and SNS.  

Our scalable CLP / CRM workflow solutions ease the flow of data in enterprises and make critical data / functionality available at the correct time.

Some of the allied services offered include SEO, lead generation, customer acquisition, data conversion and data mining.
Online Marketing Solutions FZ-LLC (OMS), established in 2003, is a full service interactive agency providing products, services and solutions for Online Marketing, Content Management, SEO, Customised Web Development and Mobile Applications Development.

OMS has a strong background in all aspects of strategic planning and implementation. These, together with the ability to harmonise business practices across functions, have resulted in measurable achievements in driving sales, profit and market share growth for our clients.

We provide cost-effective and value added solutions that allow our clients to save on their operational costs and to concentrate on their core businesses.

Our clients include majors from the Electronics, FMCG, Hospitality and Telecommunications sectors.
© 2020 Online Marketing Solutions FZ-LLC